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STAT Courier takes pride in delivering what’s important to our clients.

Our knowledgeable and responsive staff, timely response to inquiries and requests, accurate reporting and invoicing, online ordering and tracking capabilities, and timely and cost-effective processes will add value to your bottom line. Based out of Lake St. Louis, Missouri, STAT Courier provides scheduled and on-demand courier services across the United States. Contact us today to find out how we can meet your courier needs.

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STAT’s Logistics Management Services include a full range of services from scheduled to on-demand service, expedited deliveries, and same-day deliveries. Customized solutions include logistics and routing, barcoding, and tracking for clients who seek to optimize and maximize their logistics management. Through Specialized Scheduling Coordination, STAT continues to save healthcare facilities time and money, lowering the risk for error and producing higher returns. Our scheduling services determine the best timed routes to get materials where they need to go, when they need to get there.

Medical and Laboratory Services

Medical &

STAT Courier handles requests of urgent nature, such as transportation of refrigerated samples. We understand and honor the importance of maintaining specimen integrity, patient confidentiality, and HIPAA compliance.

Library Services


STAT Courier manages courier programs for local, regional, and statewide library systems. Books and other materials are picked up, brought back to a sorting facility, sorted by destination, and delivered to the appropriate library.

Business, legal and payroll

Business, Legal
& Payroll

STAT Courier delivers documents for all types of business, including legal documents, payroll checks, and other time-sensitive materials.