COVID-19: STAT is Your Partner for Evolving Courier Needs

In the blink of an eye, COVID-19 has changed our world and the way we all live our lives. Times are different, and STAT Courier is adapting to meet our clients’ evolving courier needs during this time of pandemic and in the new way of life that awaits us in the coming months.

We extend a heartfelt thank you to our business partners who continue to trust us to get their materials where they need to be, and to our drivers who are working tirelessly to ensure timely, safe deliveries.

Our drivers are the backbone of our operations, and keeping them—as well as the frontline staff they encounter at hospitals, laboratories, businesses, and libraries—is of the utmost importance to us. Following CDC and WHO guidance, we’re adapting our delivery protocols where possible to reduce risk and keep all parties safe. For the past 20 years, we have followed the most thorough safety precautions for our deliveries to prevent cross-contamination and ensure temperature control, and now is no different.

While we look forward to better, healthier days ahead, the coming months are uncertain. This time is unprecedented, and you may have courier needs that you have not thought about previously. As more states attempt to return to normal life, expanded testing will be more important than ever. If you need help getting COVID-19 test kits from testing sites, hospitals, and even your patients’ homes to labs, we are ready to serve you. STAT Courier has existing routes and resources that we can quickly tailor to support your needs.

How can we help? Here are just a few things we can offer you:

Transporting samples to diagnose and treat COVID-19 related illnesses

Picking up COVID-19 test samples from hospitals, clinics, testing facilities, and private homes and delivering them to laboratories for processing

Transporting testing kits and samples for non-pandemic related illnesses

Delivering pharmaceuticals to residences and assisted living facilities to help protect vulnerable populations from public spaces

Taking blood donations from blood banks to hospitals and clinics in need

We’re here, we’re ready, and we look forward to meeting your evolving courier needs.